Welcome, Leadership Academy Cohort 17

We kicked off the first day of the Leadership Academy on January 12. We're excited to welcome the group and help them develop into environmental stewards to care for our public lands and to join us in advocating for the protection and enhancement of our mountains, forests, rivers, parks, and urban open spaces. For the…

Cleanup Success: East Fork's Golden Preservation

Leadership Academy graduate Joel Glen hosted another successful trail and river cleanup with his East Fork's Golden Preservation group. Volunteers collected 828 pounds of trash in the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument, near the Oaks Picnic Area.

2019 By the Numbers: Nature for All Accomplishments

Wow, what a year! Our work continues to focus on leadership development (let's hear it for our 26 Leadership Academy graduates!); advocacy (we had 174 meetings with elected officials); and community engagement to grown and engage with our base (9,207 + petitions collected; 816 supporters actively engaged in the San Gabriel Mountains Forever/Nature for All…