Nature for All is advocating for efforts to protect water sources for our communities. This includes efforts to protect our mountains and rivers in our area, conserving habitat and water resources, and capturing and cleaning our local water.

Our Focus

The role of N4A in water policy has been primarily channeled through the OurWaterLA (OWLA) coalition and the Safe Clean Water Program (Program). N4A is responsible for coordinating the development of policy recommendations of an active Core Team through monthly meetings, workshops with water leaders who serve in community seats on the Watershed Area Steering Committees (WASC), bi-monthly collaboration with the Board offices, and Flood Control District staff. The most unique perspective that N4A brings to these discussions is our work with the Community Organizers Committee and through the Leadership Development program, which trains community leaders on Measure W. They, in turn, help to inform policy positions for OWLA.

2021 Focus:

  • Update the Nature-Based Solutions scoring criteria
  • Adopt metrics for community engagement
  • Set guidelines for the allocation of DAC benefits in accordance with DAC needsAssist with project selection process in the Upper SGR & Rio Hondo WASC
  • Develop and implement new water policy initiative of the Core Team
  • Manage the Community Organizers in the their 2021 Workplan
  • Implement all management functions and social media communications for OWLA