Our mission is to build a diverse base of support to ensure that everyone in the Los Angeles area has equitable access to the wide range of benefits which nature provides. We’re committed to building support to protect, create access to our forests, rivers, and parks, and developing a new diverse generation of environmental leaders and stewards who connect to and care for our public lands.

Nature For All advocates for policies and programs that will:

  • Protect the mountains and rivers in our area, to conserve resources and be more climate-resilient.
  • Create more natural spaces such as parks and bike paths in our historically underserved neighborhoods.
  • Connect people and public lands through more trails and other outdoor recreational opportunities, to improve public health.

Nature for All Coalition Members

Our Work

Parks and Open Space

  • San Gabriel Mountains Forever: With this Nature For All program, we advocate for and organize on behalf of federal legislation and policies that protect the San Gabriel Mountains, foothills and rivers.
  • Our Parks Coalition: We are a member of this local coalition working on creating and refurbishing parks, ball fields, play areas, and walking trails.


  • Our Water LA: We are a member of this local coalition working on local water resilience and making sure our communities have clean, safe, reliable and sustainable water for drinking, recreation and commerce.


  • EnviroMetro Coalition: We are a founding member of this coalition working on making sure new and improved transportation connections are green, equitable, and healthy.
  • Metro Sustainability Council: Members of our coalition sit on this council that works to guide Metro on making sure transit projects are sustainable and green.
  • Transit to Parks: Our coalition program works with local communities and local elected officials on providing more connections, via public transit, to parks and open green spaces for Angelenos, especially for those in park-poor neighborhoods.


  • Leadership Ladder: With this Nature For All program, we cultivate volunteers and supporters to build a diverse legacy of stewardship, with a focus on empowering underserved community members.
  • Leadership Academy: With this six-month training program of Nature For All, we teach civic engagement, community advocacy and project management to build the next generation of environmental stewards.
  • Stewards: The Nature for All Stewards group is our volunteer group made up of Leadership Academy alumni, volunteers and supporters.

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