San Gabriel Mountains Forever

sgmf obama monument signingOur Goal

To advocate for and organize on behalf of federal legislation and policies that protect the San Gabriel Mountains, foothills, and rivers.

Our Work

Our federal legislative efforts in the San Gabriel Mountains involve:

  • Wild & Scenic Rivers
  • Wilderness
  • Expansion of the National Monument
  • National Recreation Areas

Our Progress

  • The monument was designated by President Obama in October 2014, as a direct result of our efforts over the years to secure additional protections for this region.
  • The U.S. Forest Service relied on our input to develop the San Gabriel Mountains Monument Plan and to make sure it is a monument for all Angelenos.  Work in this area continues with our role in the San Gabriel Mountains Community Collaborative.
  • Advocated for further legislation to expand the new monument, establish a National Recreation Area outside of the Forest and wilderness, and Wild and Scenic River designations for areas of particular conservation concern.
  • Supported and organized efforts to make improvements to the region, including the East Fork River Project.