We checked in with Cohort 19 Leadership Academy graduate Kyle Cavazos about his Healing with Nature project, his favorite natural places, what motivates him to support our mission, and more.

What inspired your project?
The “Healing with Nature” community event is a gathering for local community members to experience meditative practices in nature with guidance from mindfulness facilitators and a self-healing focused zine. Participants are invited to develop a deeper understanding on the intersection between internal wellness, nature connection, and taking action to protect open spaces. My own spiritual journey as a young, queer, Brown person inspired me to realize the necessity for mass movements of collective internal healing. Creating meaningful opportunities for people—especially those most impacted—to connect with and heal nature is crucial in our shift towards environmental restoration.

Whats your favorite park, trail, or natural space in the greater Los Angeles area?
My favorite park is the Barnsdall Art Park in Los Feliz. It’s one of the best places to catch the sunset and slowly watch the city lights flicker on at night.

Whats your favorite way to enjoy nature?
Whether it’s the beach, the forest, or a local park, my favorite way to enjoy nature is being with my friends.

Can you share why we need greater access to the outdoors and nature for our communities? What motivates you to support Nature for Alls mission?
Greater access to the outdoors is a key element in dissolving the capitalistic barriers that make people view themselves as separate from nature, rather than being one and the same. Nature for All inspires individuals to step up for themselves and their community and pursue action that supports environmental protection.

What or who inspires you in your field of work?
I’m inspired by the limitless potential that every person on this Earth holds. We are all so capable of living beautiful lives and participating in a renewed vision of the future.

Whats your favorite environment-themed movie, book or TV series?
One of my favorite movies is “Kiss the Ground” and the hope it brings to healing the climate crisis.

What gives you hope for the future?
Knowing that the world can be more beautiful than it already is gives me hope for the future.

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