Did you know Los Angeles is the most climate-vulnerable city in the country?

We all need to take steps to be more climate-resilient. To help with this, we’re partnering with local climate action platform Dashboard.Earth to increase climate resilience in our neighborhoods. 

The Dashboard.Earth mobile app offers localized, personalized climate actions for your home and community and guides you step by step through meaningful actions while connecting you to a community dedicated to climate healing and providing incentives and rebates (i.e. free trees and low-flow showerheads).   

It also connects you to our team of local leaders, community experts in your neighborhood that are ready to help you take action.

How it works

When you join Dashboard.Earth, you’ll find guided climate action plans called paths. 

Nature For All has four paths that guide you step by step through the most important changes you can make to conserve water inside and outside your home and help mitigate the mega drought.

In our paths, you’ll find a discovery feed of resources, actions, community events, workshops, and more. When you’ve completed an action, the app will calculate your impact, so you understand exactly how you’re contributing to climate resilience in your neighborhood.

Dashboard.Earth is just for Angelenos, and what you see in the app is local to your neighborhood. Depending on where you live, you’ll see paths from other nonprofits dedicated to climate resilience, too.

Our Paths

Make Compost Magic!

Discover how to turn your food scraps into the best fertilizer on earth. We’ll teach you what to do with your food scraps in every situation, and connect you with local leaders ready to help and free workshops to get you started.

Get Growing

We’ll show you how growing your own food is a healthy way to save money, the best kind of therapy and a huge money saver.  Learn how to grow food at home (yes, even in an apartment!) with workshops, resources and motivation to dig in and get dirty!

Be a Water Steward

Follow this path to reduce your water usage by 30% this summer. We’ll show you creative ways to cut back in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and beyond.

Neighborhoods in Action

Leaders in your community are hosting events with free supplies and prizes to cultivate and protect nature close to home—and they want you to get involved. Join clean up events, learn how to become more climate resilient and watch the impact of your community grow and come to life.

Get started today!