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One of the San Gabriel Mountains Forever priorities is working to gain more access to the San Gabriel National Monument and surrounding areas, with a focus on pushing for transit to parks. With more public transit to parks and open, green space, we know we can improve the lives of those in our communities, especially those who could benefit the most. That’s why we’re so excited about the recent opening of Metro’s Gold Extension—and Duarte’s free shuttle from the station to the Fish Canyon Falls trailhead being offered this May. We’re celebrating!

WHAT: San Gabriel Mountains Forever (SGMF) will be hosting a hike on the Fish Canyon Falls trail in celebration of the free shuttle van provided by the City of Duarte to transport passengers from the Duarte/City of Hope station to the trailhead. We will be honoring the City of Duarte for pioneering a shuttle program along the Gold Line extension to the San Gabriel Mountains. We see this as a victory for transit-to-parks and would like to see other cities along the route consider adding shuttles at their local transit systems.

WHEN: Saturday, May 21, 8:30 a.m.

WHERE: The meeting place is on Highland Avenue, adjacent to the Metro Gold Line station parking lot. Members of San Gabriel Mountains Forever will be taking the Gold Line to the Duarte stop.

WHO: Duarte Councilmember John Fasana and others from the City of Duarte will join members of San Gabriel Mountains Forever (SGMF) at the event.

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