We are thrilled with the news that President Obama has designated three new national monuments in the California desert, one year after we won national monument status for our beloved San Gabriel Mountains. Many members of San Gabriel Mountains Forever worked on the campaign to secure protection for these new monuments and it is a victory for conservation we share with them, as well as the Californians and visitors who will be able enjoy these majestic regions for decades to come.

Monument status is a great win for conservation and the surrounding communities. Since the San Gabriel Mountains were designated as a national monument, our work has been focussed on engaging with diverse communities to make sure the management plan protects the region and serves its communities. We’re working on finding more ways to connect people to their public land, as we work to provide access to all. Our advocacy work also continues, as we seek further protections for the region, with a larger vision in mind. We’ve collected thousands of petitions and engaged with hundreds of volunteers and thousands of supporters on our efforts — and we are proud to say we are seeing progress. Here’s more on what we accomplished in the year since the President designated the San Gabriel Mountains a national monument.

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