sgmf obama monument signing

President Obama designated the San Gabriel Mountains a national monument on October 10, 2014, as a direct result of our efforts over the years to secure additional protections for this region.

“The notion of a national monument is interesting because it reminds us that America belongs to all of us — not just some of us. My commitment to conservation isn’t about locking away our natural treasures; it’s about working with communities to open up our glorious heritage to everybody — young and old, black, white, Latino, Asian, Native American — to make sure everybody can experience these incredible gifts.” — President Obama, during the ceremony to dedicate the national monument

National monuments emphasize the conservation of an area’s unique natural, historic and cultural heritage, and provide protections from future oil and gas leasing claims and commercial development. Designation as a national monument permanently protects watersheds and water quality, conserves fish and wildlife, enhances air quality, and provides opportunities for healthy outdoor recreation for more than three million annual visitors. National monument designations honor existing rights and are managed with local input.

After years of working to secure additional protections for this region, we were thrilled to be part of the celebration. The Monument currently encompasses 346,177 acres of U.S. Forest Service lands and we actively participated in the development of the management plan for the monument, which will improve access and recreational amenities, and protect our rivers and habitat. This work has been done in partnership with our stakeholders who have been passionate supporters of these efforts. We are also working on additional protections for the region.

Help us expand the monument and protect more public lands!