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Join Team Nature for All in 3 Easy Steps!

Team Nature for All needs Angelenos LIKE YOU for the global 2021 City Nature Challenge!
It’s a friendly competition around the world: which city will have the most observations?

1. Join “LA Nature for All” iNaturalist project

Be a community scientist & champion for LA County wildlife all year!

2. Join the City Nature Challenge 2021 for LA County iNaturalist Project

Starting April 30 – May 3 upload your photos here to show the world what LA County wildlife is made of in this international event!

3.Take photos of anything wild (plants, animals, bugs, snails, in the city or wild) and upload them to the iNaturalist project!

Not on the iNaturalist app yet? It’s free! Get an account at: Apple | Android |
For more information check out the ABOUT & FAQ + How to Use iNaturalist

What makes LA County Special?
“Located in a global hotspot for biodiversity, Los Angeles County is home to more than 4,000 distinct species of plants and animals, including 52 endangered species — more than any county outside of Hawaii.” – L.A. County’s biodiversity is on the map, thanks to UCLA researchers

WHY BE A COMMUNITY SCIENTIST? Prof. Chroman explains!
“[W]hen we join with you, and you join and engage in science with us, together we are capable of doing many magnitudes more for data collection, for study, for discovery, and for understanding. . . . [Y]ou, regardless of your degree, your age, your nationality, your ethnic group, your level of education, . . . you can help us understand something greater. Thank you for that.” – Prof. Lauren Chroman


Virtual Events

THURSDAY | APRIL 22 7:00-8:00 PM PST
Get Ready for the City Nature Challenge this Earth Day @ the Natural History Museum of LA County

Members of Team Nature for All will be panelists at this event!

The City Nature Challenge is an annual competition between 100s of cities around the world that helps people better understand urban biodiversity by having them find and document nature in their community.

In celebration of Earth Day and in preparation for the 2021 City Nature Challenge, we’ll take a look at how community scientists are making a global impact by getting outdoors and looking closely at nature all around us. As a bonus, we’re offering an iNaturalist training so you’ll be ready to join the challenge!

*This event will be available with English and Spanish captions.

THURSDAY | APRIL 29 7:00-8:00 PM PST
Decolonizing Knowledge from the Field with Sallqa-Tuwa

🔎🌿Dive into the field with Ph.D. candidate Sallqa-Tuwa as she draws on her experiences studying dragonflies and damselflies across borders.

📚Who’s name and knowledge gets left behind when scientific discoveries are publicized to the world? Register now for your spot in this important conversation!

Sallqa-Tuwa BondocGawa Mafla is a Pilipina-Ecuatoriana PhD candidate studying dragonflies and damselflies, known as the order Odonata, with Dr. Jessica Ware at the American Museum of Natural History and Rutgers University-Newark. Her research aims to answer questions regarding the dispersal, migration, and conservation of Tropical Odonata throughout species rich hotpots, such as her ancestral islands and mountains. An integral part of her work focuses on Indigenizing and Decolonizing Entomology, and Biology as a whole. Sallqa-Tuwa advocates for making space for Indigenous and Native naturalists, entomologists, and biologists to lead and collaborate on research projects undertaken in the Tropics and Global South, particularly across the Pacific Ocean and Ecuador, ultimately working for acknowledgement of Traditional Ecological Knowledge in a White-dominanted field.

Tuesday May 4 | 7:00 – 8:00 PM PST
Celebrating Community Scientists – YOU!

We’re wrapping up the City Nature Challenge and saying thank you to community scientists like YOU! Join us for prizes, share your wildlife encounter stories, see what LA county wildlife we’ve found, hear briefly from guest community scientists like you and more! Register now to join the celebration!

Talking community green spaces and gardens with Paloma from Arlington Gardens, Pasadena! Paloma grew up in El Sereno, Los Angeles. She has worked and volunteered for a number of nonprofit organizations focusing on arts, culture, and environmentalism. She is currently the Programs and Development Manager at Arlington Garden in Pasadena and is a Certified California Naturalist

Stay tuned for more details!


What is the city nature challenge?

🌿March and April 2021

Nature for All needs members of all ages, backgrounds and experience for the City Nature Challenge 2021, the global community science challenge! We’ll learn about LA County wildlife and green spaces, get comfortable with the iNaturalist app, and learn from free workshops and special guests so you are ready for…

🔎April 30 to May 3, 2021

It’s on! Over the 4-day City Nature Challenge, we and 350+ cities worldwide will be documenting nature in our cities, from urban streets to wild places. Our local organizer is the LA County Natural History Museum, and our boundary of observation is all of Los Angeles County. Thousands of people and organizations will be uploading photos of bugs, birds, plants, mushrooms, sea creatures and more to iNaturalist! Then….

🦎MAY 4 to 9, 2021

Knowledgable folks will identify every species uploaded and observed. On May 10, worldwide results will be announced, including which city has the most participants, observations, species and more!

🎉 MAY 4: Celebration event! Share your contributions as community scientists. Click here for details!

How to use iNaturalist


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Why be a community scientist?

Listen to these words from Prof. Chroman – Field biologist, Certified CA Naturalist Instructor, science professor (or click here to read the transcript)

from the Urban Wildlife & Community Science Event with Prof. Chroman

Event Recordings

Recording of the Endangered El Segundo Blue Butterfly with Claudia Etrillard & Dr. Lauren Esposito
Recording of Urban Wildlife & Community Science Event with Prof. Lauren Chroman

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Nature for All Leadership Academy graduate Sam Tayag is leading Team Nature for All’s community engagement for this event.

For the international picture go to: city nature

City Nature Challenge is organized by California Academy of Sciences and the Natural History Museum LA County