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The 2021 City Nature Challenge is finished and the results are in! Amazing Job Team Nature for All and community scientists everywhere! Take our quick survey so we can make 2022 even better!

WORLDWIDE: 1,270,767 observations of 45,300+ including 2,100+ Rare/Threatened/Endangered species by 52,777 people
LA COUNTY: 22,045 observations of 2,639 species by 1,507 people. 20% of participants were new iNaturalist users. Welcome and thank you for joining!
TEAM NATURE FOR ALL: 2,443 observations of 691 species by 48 people

Report from the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County & The California Academy of Sciences
Discoveries from Team Nature For All (recording from Celebrating Community Scientists Event)

About the City Nature Challenge & Team Nature for All

Team Nature for All is a group of LA County wildlife champions sharing, learning and documenting the biodiversity of our LA County wildlife neighbors year-round on iNaturalist. Join us and share your nature discoveries!

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How to join on iNaturalist

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Why be a community scientist?

Listen to these words from Prof. Chroman – Field biologist, Certified CA Naturalist Instructor, science professor (or click here to read the transcript)

from the Urban Wildlife & Community Science Event with Prof. Chroman

What makes LA County Special?
“Located in a global hotspot for biodiversity, Los Angeles County is home to more than 4,000 distinct species of plants and animals, including 52 endangered species — more than any county outside of Hawaii.” – L.A. County’s biodiversity is on the map, thanks to UCLA researchers

WHY BE A COMMUNITY SCIENTIST? Prof. Chroman explains!
“[W]hen we join with you, and you join and engage in science with us, together we are capable of doing many magnitudes more for data collection, for study, for discovery, and for understanding. . . . [Y]ou, regardless of your degree, your age, your nationality, your ethnic group, your level of education, . . . you can help us understand something greater. Thank you for that.” – Prof. Lauren Chroman

Event Recordings & Educational Posts

Celebrating Community Scientists – YOU Recording

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Recording of Decolonizing Knowledge from the Field with Sallqa-Tuwa
Team Nature for All members & friends at the Earth Day + City Nature Challenge Panel from the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
Recording of the Endangered El Segundo Blue Butterfly with Claudia Etrillard & Dr. Lauren Esposito
Recording of Urban Wildlife & Community Science Event with Prof. Lauren Chroman

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Nature for All Leadership Academy graduate Sam Tayag is leading Team Nature for All’s community engagement for this event.

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City Nature Challenge is organized by California Academy of Sciences and the Natural History Museum LA County