#LANatureAtHome Challenge

While we stay at home and distance ourselves physically from others to protect the public health during the COVID-19 crisis, we are seeing inspiring examples of community members getting outside to enjoy time outside, close to home.

Let’s inspire one another! Join us for the #LANatureAtHome challenge: Share nature photos with us so we can share with our greater community how you are enjoying nature at home, or close to home (while at a safe distance from others!). We’ve talked to community members about how they are tending to their gardens, practicing yoga in their yards, and watching nature shows on TV or online. It can be as simple as watering a house plant or hugging a tree (trust us, it feels pretty good).

Post your nature photos on social media using #LANatureAtHome, tag us and five friends, encouraging them to do the same. We will share favorites on our accounts.

2020 New Year’s Resolution: Spend More Time in Nature

Making resolutions or setting intentions for the new year? You can make a lot of positive changes in your life by simply spending more time in nature.

Time in nature has been linked to improving physical and mental health. By spending time in parks, on beaches, or on hiking and biking trails, you’re taking steps to improve your overall well-being. Add the exercise component to time outdoors and you’re maximizing the impact

This year, commit to more time immersing yourself in nature. Plan outdoor time on weekends and days off with your family and friends. Propose walk-and-talk meetings near your workplace or suggest working lunches outdoors on patios or in parks. When making plans to meet friends for a meal, switch it up with a picnic. Explore the city by checking out new areas near bike trails. If you’re already a regular hiker, break up your routine by making a list of trails you have yet to explore. Where to start? Here are some resources:

When I’m in the Great Outdoors, I…..

We started this week’s Leadership Academy class with an interactive fill-in-the-blanks exercise. img_3521

Here’s what was posted to the board:

When I’m in the great outdoors, I _______________________.

Here are the answers:

enjoy the fresh air

take in all of the sights and sounds

feel at peace!

can smell clean air!

love to take pictures

feel very lucky to be able to enjoy it

feel FREE

feel alive

get creative

feel grounded

turn off my phone

feel like a kid again

forget about work

We also have some answers posted to our Instagram post. Feel free to add your own answers!





Waxing Poetic About the San Gabriel Mountains: Haiku Time

During our recent Leadership Academy class, we took some time to compose haikus about the San Gabriel Mountains. A few days later, we noticed the National Parks were publishing haikus on Twitter for a social media poetry slam. We couldn’t help but jump in ourselves.

Even more of our haikus here.