Given that our work has historically focused on protecting public lands, we treat National Public Lands Day (Saturday, September 23) like a special day!

We’re happy to volunteer and spend time with East Fork’s Golden Preservation volunteer group, community members, and other coalition organizations this Saturday.

We will dedicate time at the East Fork of the San Gabriel River, within the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument and are very thankful for longtime volunteer groups like East Fork’s Golden Preservation and others, who organize numerous clean-ups at the East Fork throughout the year! This Saturday, they are working with the Angeles National Forest for a National Public Lands Day Clean-up.

Three Reasons Why We Love Public Lands (and National Public Lands Day)

Nature is good for us! Spending time in nature is beneficial for our physical and mental health. Studies show that time in nature can lower stress hormones and blood pressure, and help those experiencing depression or anxiety. People are also more likely to exercise in natural environments, which boosts overall health.

Protected public lands help us ensure a healthier future by curbing extinction rates and preventing the most severe impacts of climate change. Protecting (and expanding!) our very own San Gabriel Mountains National Monument (more on that here) will help state and federal goals of protecting 30% of lands and coastal waters by 2030.

Spending time in public lands connects us with the community, whether we are gathering for recreation or volunteering. This year marks the 30th anniversary of National Public Lands Day, and tens of thousands of volunteers have come together throughout the years to care for our public lands.

Three Ways to Celebrate National Public Lands Day

Join us in calling on President Biden to expand the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument! Sign our letter here. Already signed it? Share it with 3 others!

Make sure you are recreating responsibly when you visit our public lands (or any park or natural place!). See our updated guide for best practices to protect our natural treasures while looking out for each other’s health and safety.

Find out more about National Public Lands Day, the nation’s largest, single-day volunteer event for public lands—this year’s focus is “Celebrating 30 Years of Care and Community”—and join a Public Lands Day event.Belén Bernal