We were delighted to hear that Kevin Haley had created his website, LA Transit to Trails, after attending one of our events. We checked in with Kevin to hear about the project, how what spending time in nature means to him, and more.  

What inspired your project?

In September 2019, I took Nature For All’s Chantry Flat Shuttle into the mountains and hiked up to Sturtevant Falls. It was raining and cold but I loved every minute and hated to leave – I realized how close our amazing mountain trails really are. Wondering what other trails I could hike without a car, I started researching likely spots online and going to check them out, and eventually had a big list of great places. I thought there must be other transit-riders wanting to go hiking so I started a website to share what I had learned. LA Transit to Trails isn’t intended to be a trail guide, but a guide to getting to the trails. The directions aren’t just taken from transit maps and Google; I visit every location and take note of any tips that might help others along the way (and then I hike!).

What’s your favorite park, trail, or natural space in the greater Los Angeles area?

My favorite hikes are in Los Angeles National Forest near Pasadena and Altadena. Transit in that area connects with a huge network of trails to explore, making it easy to hop off the bus and be surrounded by nature within a few minutes. I often recommend Gabrielino Trail up Arroyo Seco in Pasadena to anyone looking for an easy hike into beautiful canyon scenery.

Other favorite trails I hike frequently are Millard Canyon Trail in Altadena, Solstice Canyon Trail in Malibu, and Rivas Canyon Trail in Pacific Palisades.

What’s your favorite way to enjoy nature?

My favorite way to enjoy nature is to hike into the mountains til I can’t see or hear the city, and really appreciate the animals, plants and geology without distractions. I love to explore new trails and see what’s over the next hill.

Can you share why we need greater access to the outdoors and nature for our communities? What motivates you to support Nature for All’s mission?

Knowing how much it refreshes and lifts my own mood for days after a good hike in the mountains. I think it’s vital to have access to our natural areas. I appreciate Nature For All’s efforts to promote ways to help us get out of the city and be refreshed by nature.

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