Cohort 19 of our Leadership Academy is currently in session and we asked participants before a class how they would describe spending time in nature. Here are a few of their answers:

Strong. Peaceful. Calm. Free. Connected.

We feel the same! Nature provides us with so many benefits, and we know we can improve public health by connecting more people to nature and providing them with outdoor recreational opportunities. As has been made abundantly clear during the pandemic, too many in our communities lack access to our public lands, parks, trails, and open green spaces. Healthy time outdoors should no longer be reserved for the privileged few. 

This Giving Tuesday, our focus is on giving our community more access to nature with good leadership. 

This year marks the 10th anniversary of our Leadership Academy program. We are so proud of our staff and coalition for this milestone and their contributions helping to educate, train and develop community leaders to become environmental stewards and join us in our crusade. 

It’s inspiring to see more than 200 graduates continue to support our mission in their jobs and in volunteer efforts. 

Grassroots leadership is needed now more than ever. On this Giving Tuesday, your support can help us grow our vital work and develop LA’s next generation of environmental leaders. You can help us create environmental justice in our historically underserved neighborhoods, with new green spaces and transit-to-trails routes to our majestic public lands. You can help us advance our mission to build a diverse base of support to ensure that everyone in the Los Angeles area has equitable access to the wide range of benefits which nature provides.  

We are proud to be leading the way and will be announcing exciting new programs in 2022, including community field trips to nature, and a focus on Lower LA River communities. Thank you for your support.

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