What’s your favorite park, trail, or natural space in the greater Los Angeles area?

The Mishe Mokwa Trail to Sandstone Peak is my favorite hike in the L.A. area -– it really shows off the beauty of our unique landscape and revitalizes me every time I hike it. But my favorite park in the region is Griffith Park. It’s one of the largest municipal parks in North America, it really has something for everyone, and it’s truly one of the few places Angelenos have where we can get out of our cars and interact with each other

What or who inspires you in your field of work? 

I am really inspired by the concept of bioregionalism, which aims for a stronger connection between people and the natural places where they live.

Why are you excited to to serve on the Nature for All board?

In terms of access, equity, quality, and diversity, L.A. is currently facing outdoor issues that the rest of the country will be facing in the future soon. There are so many people doing good work in the outdoors here and using innovating approaches to tackle those problems. I am proud to be involved in this movement with Nature for All and I look forward to making our incredible outdoors more accessible to everyone in the Los Angeles area.

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