We kicked off the first day of the Leadership Academy on January 12. We’re excited to welcome the group and help them develop into environmental stewards to care for our public lands and to join us in advocating for the protection and enhancement of our mountains, forests, rivers, parks, and urban open spaces. For the next five months, they will meet weekly to learn about environmental justice, advocacy and plan projects to help us protect, create and connect for our communities.

For our orientation: We toured Rio Vista Park, visited Hilda Solis Outlook, had lunch at the Oaks Picnic Area, and went on a hike at the East Fork Trailhead. During the day, we kicked off our discussions about about community engagement and advocacy, the benefits of connecting with nature, our collaborative work with local elected leaders to protect our forests, rivers, public lands and open spaces and create more urban green spaces, and more. And we’re just getting started.

Welcome to the new cohort: Edgar Pedroza, Paloma Avila, Bryan Medina, Demi Espinoza, Khristina Rhead, Laura Santos, Samantha Tayag-Gamboa, Brenda Contreras, Carlos Casas, Helen Huynh, Brenda Gonzalez, Erica Law, Emily Cobar, Jazzar Taylor, Will Chiu.

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