One-hundred and thirty seven people have graduated from Nature for All’s Leadership Academy! This month, we welcome 15 new participants to the 15th Nature For All Leadership Academy Cohort!

The Leadership Academy’s six-month training program helps community members develop new skills in political organizing, civic engagement and communications techniques.

The fifteenth class is composed of Tania Romero, Miguel Ramos, Margarita Gatica, Sierra-Dawn Bennaton, Lupita Solano, Jacqueline Ramirez, Carly Curiel, Adriana Lola Pellicer, Felipe Guzman-Donate, Karlamaria Aguilar, Marisa Cherry, Danielle Furuichi, Alfredo Martinez, Manuela Garay, and Jaime A. Jorge-Memije! Yet another VERY  impressive group — get to know them!

Check-out the new crew here.

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