Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 9.35.41 AM.pngWe’re excited to introduce the 11th San Gabriel Mountains Forever Leadership Academy: Angela Miramontes, Araceli “Celi” Hernandez, Art Moy, Brian Velez, Daniel Ramli, Dorothy Wong, Edward Duong, Gabriel Machain, Jasmine Sara, Jeanette Ramirez, Karen Gutierrez, Rebecca Contreras, Liliana Griego, Maricela Rosales, and Payton Robinson. We held our orientation class on January 14 with a visit to the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument, where we were joined by Leadership Academy alumni/SGMF members Andrew Fung Yip, Amy Wong, Xochicuicatl Valenzuela, and Cuauhtemotzin Hache.

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