Access to open, green space is something we think about every day at SGMF.

We see social, health, environmental, and economic benefits from efforts to green our neighborhoods with more parks and green spaces. It’s why we are proud to be on the Our Parks coalition and we support Measure A, The Safe, Clean Neighborhood Parks Measure of 2016.

At a recent meeting, we talked about ways to spread the word about the measure and asked our SGMF colleagues to jot down the first thing that came to mind when thinking about why it’s so important. Here’s what we had to say:

  • We need to provide more access to public, open space for underserved communities
  • Our communities need more green spaces to play, all across LA county
  • Parks provide recreational opportunities for kids to play — off the streets
  • Parks are where we can build community with our neighbors
  • Parks help us connect to our land
  • For children in LA County with special needs, parks are an important location for occupational therapy and ADD therapy
  • More parks are crucial for the physical and mental health of both children and adults in Los Angeles

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