Saturday, June 4 marks National Trails Day and SGMF member organization the Community Hiking Club will be working with volunteers on the Dagger Flat trail.

“Dagger Flat has a long history,” says Community Hiking Club’s Dianne Erskine-Hellrigel.”It was originally a Tataviam footpath, then the CCC made an actual trail out of it in the 1930s. No one ever used it after that because there were only a few people that lived in Newhall. Currently we are the 2nd largest population that abuts the forest, and we are in great need to some local access to the beautiful San Gabriel Mountains. This trail connects two Congressional Districts and it is my dream to see all of the congressional districts surrounding the forest connected by trails. Dagger Flat has amazing views, and some great rare plants. My two favorites are Scarlet Larkspur and the endangered Plummer’s Lily.”

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