In response to the August 18 Los Angeles Times story,”In the San Gabriel Mountains, they’re asking: What monument?,” SGMF member Daniel Rossman of the Wilderness Society wrote this letter to the editor:

To the editor: It’s true that, after decades of neglect, many areas within the newly designated San Gabriel Mountains National Monument need improvement. But the president gave the U.S. Forest Service three years to create a new management plan.

Why belittle the great achievement of permanent protection, won less than a year ago when our backyard mountain range became a national monument? This is a source of drinking water, wildlife habitat and much-needed recreational opportunities, especially for those with little access to parks.

Only the first round of public comments is complete. We urge the Forest Service to listen to the many voices calling for a better management plan, one that includes cleanup of trash and graffiti, improves trails and offers education programs. We must keep watch on the Forest Service’s progress.

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