Bridge to Nowhere

“There are so many wonderful places to hike that it is difficult to narrow it down, but I think that the East Fork is still my favorite. With the Bridge to Nowhere as a destination, and the possibility of seeing Big Horn Sheep, it’s a thrill a minute! Everyone should experience this hike at least once. – Dianne Erskine-Hellrigel, Community Hiking Club

Chantry Flat

“Big Santa Anita Canyon, from Chantry Flats to Sturtevant Camp and back. Lots of trees and shade along the creek, Sturtevant Falls, and a cool historical camp with a big swing if you make it to the Camp. Lush, surprising and wonderful. But it’s extremely popular, so it’s better during the week or very early in the morning.” – Bryan Matsumoto, Leadership Academy graduate

“I love to hike! I love backpacking long, far treks, too. One of my favorite places to hike is towards Mt. Zion from Chantry Flats. The trails wind in and out of oak woodland, bay laurel riparian, and chaparral plant communities, past waterfalls — all leading up to beautiful vistas filled with manzanitas galore.” – Yara Herrarte-Zair, Leadership Academy graduate

“One of my favorite places to hike is Chantry Flat. My boyfriend said ‘I love you’ for the first time on a overnight backpacking trip here. Chantry Flat holds a special place in my heart and the scenery makes me feel alive!” – Bonnie Rodriguez, Leadership Academy graduate

Cucamonga Peak

“First you begin the hike through the beautiful Icehouse canyon, then it climbs up forever, with the views getting more and more amazing. There is an amazing view and great rock formation at the top. You might even be lucky enough to see a Big Horn Sheep on this hike!” – Cristina Plemel, Leadearship Academy student

Dawson’s Saddle

“Dawson’s Saddle transports you away from civilization and you truly escape the hustle of the city among the tall pines and sweeping views of the California Desert.” – Daniel Rossman, The Wilderness Society

Eaton Canyon

“I definitely enjoy hiking with my friends in Eaton Canyon. Visiting Eaton with the Leadership Academy was probably one of my favorite classes because I learned so much about the fauna found there — I had no idea about any of it before then. It’s a place with so much biodiversity and beauty, and that’s why I keep going back.” – Dominique Vitti, Leadership Academy graduate

Echo Mountain

“The easiest answer for me would be hiking up to Echo Mountain, because it is less than a five-minute drive from my front door, and continuing the hike to Inspiration Point if I want a longer and more challenging climb with a view of all of San Gabriel Valley.” – Jose Jimenez, Leadership Academy graduate

JPL/EL Prieto Trail

“I have a lot of them, but if I have to pick one trail it would have to be the JPL/El Prieto Trail in the Altadena area. I really love taking this hike either by myself, with friends, and especially with youth since it offers beautiful scenery, easy access, a beautiful stream and plenty of spots to find peace and solitude. It is one of the first spots where me and my friends learned the joys of nature.” – Roberto Morales, Sierra Club

Millard Falls

“I love hiking to Millard Falls. It’s a super easy hike, not to populated, it’s shady, near the city, and it has a 50 foot waterfall.” – Rebecca Contreras, Leadership Academy graduate

“I like to hike through the trails that lead to the waterfall in the Los Angeles National Forest.” – Liliana Camacho Guzman, Leadership Academy graduate

Mt. Wilson Trail

“I love to hike the Mt Wilson trail, both of the ways up, from Sierra Madre or Chantry Flats.” – Alain Bourgault, Leadership Academy student