“The tree-lined neighborhood streets of South Pasadena, Pasadena, San Marino, Arcadia, and Altadena.Communities that have invested in their urban forests and have mature street street trees are much cooler (literally and figuratively!) to ride along. I really enjoy observing the diversity of these communities street trees, especially when certain streets suddenly become framed in color when flowering varieties such as jacarandas and tabebuias bloom in spring, and ginkgos line streets in gold in fall. Perhaps as a result of growing up in a family nursery and landscape design business, I also love checking out people’s gardens as I pass by at 10-20 mph. 5 years of drought and efforts to encourage water conservation have shifted many homeowner’s tastes and choices, and I find it really interesting to observe how this has manifested itself in the landscape redesign of front yards.” — Wes Reutimann, BikeSGV

“The San Gabriel Bike Path. It’s a dedicated bike path with a spectacular view of the San Gabriel Mountains with many stops along the way to see historical landmarks of the area, such as Rio Vista park and its history of the labor settlements.” — Duyen Tran, The Wilderness Society

“The Emerald Necklace (Rio Hondo and San Gabriel Rivers). I live within five minutes of the Rio Hondo River, and can ride it to get to Whittier Narrows Park and the Jeff Seymour Family Center (where the SGMF and BikeSGV offices are). Away from car traffic, it feels safer and calmer than biking in the streets, at least during the day. It also connects the San Gabriel Mountains all the way to the beach.” — Amy Wong, San Gabriel Mountains Forever

“Biking was the reason I discovered the San Gabriel Mountains and what made me realize how lucky we are to have that so close to us. I began with smaller local trails like Brown Mountain, and worked my way to trails like Strawberry Peak loop, which is currently my favorite trail to bike. It allows me to feel so connected to everything around me, and realize that nature is beautiful, but also can be painful and harsh if you are unprepared.” — Jose Jimenez, Leadership Academy graduate

“Ballona Creek: Culver City to the Beach!” — Jackson Lam, AP3CON

“The Lario Trail along the San Gabriel River. It’s paved and follows a natural portion of the river. So many shades of green!” — Brenda Kyle, Leadership Academy graduate and volunteer

“Along the west fork of the San Gabriel River.” — Dennis Arguelles, National Parks Conservation Association

“JPL/El Prieto Trail. Hikers and Mt. bikers all learn to get along here. There are easy mountain biking routes and plenty of spots to stop and just enjoy the area.” — Roberto Morales, Sierra Club

“The West Fork San Gabriel River National Scenic Bikeway is a great trip you can do with kids.” — Daniel Rossman, The Wilderness Society

“I like riding my bike from Santa Fe Dam into the Azusa mountains. Theres a pleasant feeling knowing that the city is behind me and I’m entering in to more green area. There is not much green space in Baldwin Park.” — Brian Velez, Leadership Academy graduate