Q: Hey, wait, what happened to San Gabriel Mountains Forever? Why did you change your name?

A: The short answer is we needed a new name to better represent a scope of work that has always included the urban communities where our supporters live and work.

Longer answer: We have had great success as San Gabriel Mountains Forever (SGMF) and it has allowed us to grow and to expand our efforts in ways that are consistent with our mission. While we remain committed to the work protecting and improving the San Gabriel Mountains, it is no longer our singular focus. In addition to protecting the mountains and rivers in our area, we began to take on more projects to connect Angelenos to nature. We also work on creating more natural spaces, such as parks and bike paths, in our historically underserved neighborhoods, and on connecting people and public lands through more trails and other outdoor recreational opportunities. This is work we had already embarked upon — so we decided we needed a new name that better reflects all that we do.

Q: So you are still working on protecting the San Gabriel Mountains? Are you still continuing your work on the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument?

A: Yes! It’s how we got started as a coalition and we want to build on the success we have had protecting the San Gabriel Mountains. It was a huge victory for us when the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument was designated by President Obama in 2014. We have worked diligently since then on making sure there are good plans in place for the management of the monument, to improve the area, expand protection of the region, and defend the monument from attacks by the current administration. We won’t stop now! The San Gabriel Mountains Forever program will continue as part of Nature for All’s work, with a direct focus on federal legislation to protect and increase access to the San Gabriel Mountains. Think of it like this: Nature For All is the umbrella, and SGMF is underneath it, along with other programs, including Leadership Development, which includes our Leadership Academy, and Transit to Parks and Trails.

Q: What do you work on?

A: Let’s start with our mission statement: Nature For All is committed to building a diverse base of support for ensuring that everyone in the Los Angeles area—no matter where they live—has equitable access to the wide range of benefits that nature can provide.

Like our name promises, we want nature to be available for all Angelenos, and we advocate for policies and programs in LA that will protect the mountains and rivers in our area; create more natural spaces such as parks and bike paths in our historically underserved neighborhoods; and connect people and public lands through more trails and other outdoor recreational opportunities. Our work involves parks and open space, water, transportation, and leadership development. Find out more here.

Q: Do you still have the San Gabriel Mountains Forever Leadership Academy?

A: Yes. But now it’s called the Nature For All Leadership Academy. We remain committed to creating advocates, leaders and stewards of the environment from diverse communities.

Q: What area do you work in?

A: We are serving the Los Angeles County area. While we will continue to remain committed to our work to protect the San Gabriel mountains and rivers, we also want to create more urban, open spaces for Angelenos close to where they live, and to provide more access to nature, especially for those in park-poor communities.

Q: I’m confused — are you a 501c3 or a coalition?

A: Both! We are a coalition of 13 organizations — local and national — who guide all of our efforts. In 2015, we started the process of becoming a 5013c, which will allow us to receive the funding we need to expand our work. We are a project of Community Partners.

Q: Where are you based?

A: In Los Angeles. Our office is in El Monte.

Q: How can I get involved?

A: Sign up to find out about volunteer opportunities! We are always looking for volunteers. Find out more on our Get Involved page.