Why Giving Matters

There is no doubt that 2020 was not the year we imagined or prepared for, and we have had to make collective adjustments to take care of one another and carry on our work. Regardless of these difficult times and obstacles, we are proud to continue our work on efforts to achieve environmental justice, increase equity, and provide more access to nature for our diverse communities. People are coming together like never before and want to learn to advocate for themselves and their neighborhoods. Communities are rising, engaging in local issues, and speaking up for what matters to them. Leadership development programs like the ones Nature for All offers are helping equip community members with the knowledge, tools, resources and confidence to rise to the occasion and make a difference in their communities.

Our programs have become well known for creating community leaders and organizers and our participation numbers show there is a high need for community programs like these. However, for 2021, we have only secured funding for one Leadership Academy cohort instead of our usual two. Meanwhile, demand has increased with our programs’ wider recognition. In Fall 2020, we received 60 applicants for 15 spots, and will add the California Naturalist certification for the first time!

With your support, we can double our reach and offer a second Academy cohort in 2021 and expand our Leadership Development programs to grow more diverse leaders in underserved communities in Los Angeles County. Hear more about why giving to our programs matter here.

Auctions, Beyond Actions

We are excited to announce that this year we will be hosting an auction to help us raise funds for our Leadership Development programs.

Why You Should Donate Today

Nature For All is building a legacy of environmental stewardship by empowering underserved community members to advocate for the protection and enhancement of our forests, mountains,
parks, rivers and watershed areas.

We develop the next generation of diverse leaders through our robust Leadership Development Program, comprised of:

Community Ambassadors Training

  • Nature For All Orientation
  • Community Base-Building trainings: 4-week-long educational lessons
  • Community Leadership Development trainings: 6-week-long advocacy and organizing training program
  • Community Ambassadors: 3-month Train of Trainers model to develop new organizers and community instructors

The Leadership Academy

  • Our Leadership Academy is a six-month advocacy and organizing training program that focuses on developing advocacy skills, civic engagement, and local community action. Established in 2011, the Leadership Academy has thus far graduated 17 cohorts and a total of 205 individuals. This hands-on training program is focused in low-income and underserved communities, in order to develop diverse environmental leaders.

Sponsorship Deck

In case you needed more reasons to donate check out this beautiful smiles, souls and unique experiences shared through our programs.

” Before I joined Nature for All’s leadership Academy, I only wanted to learn more about the barriers to access nature and the outdoors to our communities of color. The leadership academy made me hungry to get more involved in advocacy and community organizing. Since then, I have joined Nature for All in two DC lobby visits and gotten involved other local issues with the goal to create equity and bring environmental justice for all.”

Kimberly Orbe, Cohort 13 of the leadership Academy

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